Family Nursing Treatments Of Uric Acid Nephropathy

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Uric Acid Nephropathy,Family Nursing Treatments,NephropathyUric Acid Nephropathy (Gouty Nephropathy) means that the concentration of uric acid salt in the blood increases to the state of supersaturation. Urate crystals deposit in the kidney and cause pathological changes. The incidence of uric acid nephropathy is about 0.3% in European and American countries. The European Dialysis Transplantation Association reports that end-stage renal failure is caused by gout, accounting for 0.6-1.0%.

What are the symptoms?

Gout is more common in obese, carnivorous and alcoholic people, men are significantly higher than women, the average age of onset is 45 years old, and the incidence of gout nephropathy is more than 10 years with hyperuricemia.

It can cause polyuria and nocturia by tubulointerstitial lesions, hematuria, lumbar and abdominal colic and even sudden anuria when urinary tract stones occur, frequent urination, urgency and pain when combined with urinary tract infection, and severe late renal damage, including dizziness and fatigue, nausea and vomiting, halitosis, oliguria and edema.

What are the family nursing and alternative treatments of uric acid nephropathy?

1. Understand the disease correctly, keep a good mood, don't be nervous or afraid, lest it damage the function of spleen and kidney more.

2. Regular consultation, monitoring of blood, uric acid level, renal function, urine routine, blood pressure, blood lipid level.

3. Eat moderately and keep your weight within the normal range. Avoid high-fat, high-calorie diet, do not eat seafood, peas and a large number of meat, do not drink alcohol and alcoholic beverages. Advocate a healthy diet structure, prevent obesity, eat more fresh vegetables, fruits and vitamin-rich foods, control protein intake at 1.0 g/Kg per day, carbohydrates account for 50-60% of total calories.

4. Drink more water to make the daily urine volume more than 2000 ml. Drink enough water before going to bed at night and urinate at night.

5. Nephrologists should be consulted to avoid the use of nephrotoxic drugs and drugs that affect uric acid metabolism.

6. Rest appropriately, control sexual life and avoid fatigue.

7. In patients with gouty arthritis, attention should be paid to bed rest, soft and loose clothes and footwear, and the most comfortable position for affected joints during acute attack.

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