Colds And Drug Abuse May Cause Chronic Kidney Disease

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Chronic Kidney Disease,Drug Abuse Patient: Some colds may cause Chronic Kidney Disease, what is the specific reason?

Expert: After the human body is infected with the virus and produces some antibodies. These antibodies can bind with some antigens in our body to cause kidney damage. These antibodies can also bind with foreign antigens, deposited in the kidney can cause kidney damage.

Patient: In the treatment of colds may have some drugs on the kidney caused some damage, daily life how to prevent it?

Expert: Cold can be prevented, of course, to strengthen the body is the most important, so to exercise properly, a healthy lifestyle, this is very important. Avoiding some people's special public places in winter and paying attention to personal hygiene are effective measures to prevent colds. But it is inevitable that sometimes colds, colds in fact should pay attention to rest, especially the original kidney damage of these patients during a cold special attention to rest, do not overwork. Use some medications under the guidance of a doctor. Use some medications for a short time instead of for a long time. Take two or three weeks for a long time. This may cause some kidney damage. However, the damage to the kidneys caused by short-term use and drinking more water and taking care of rest can be avoided.

Patients: Which drugs may cause kidney damage in daily life?

Expert: Many drugs on the market may cause more or less kidney damage, because many drugs are excreted through the kidneys. There is a very large class of analgesics, which are commonly used clinically. Now many cold medicines also contain analgesics. In addition, antibiotics, anti-inflammatory drugs have a lot of kidney damage, there are more complex components of traditional Chinese medicine, such as Akebia can cause kidney damage, many anti-tumor drugs or chemotherapy drugs may also cause kidney damage. The most important thing is not to abuse drugs themselves, especially in patients with kidney damage more need to be cautious drug use, dosage, course of treatment should be reasonable.

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