Urinary Tract Infection Will Cause Diabetic Nephropathy

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Urinary Tract Infection,Diabetic Nephropathy,Diabetic patients with long-term hyperglycemia, will significantly affect the immune ability of white blood cells to bacteria, and make the human body resistance worse, resulting in urinary tract infection inflammation. If the patient is not treated in time, in addition to easily lead to sepsis, it is easier to make renal function damage worse. Therefore, diabetic patients, especially women should avoid urinary tract infection.

Blood glucose levels should be controlled.

Once early diabetic nephropathy is found, insulin should be used to treat diabetes. Strict control of blood glucose can make it partially reversed. It is important to use insulin to control blood glucose.

Hypertension can aggravate the condition of diabetic nephropathy. A large number of clinical observations have confirmed that strict control of hypertension can significantly reduce urinary protein in patients with diabetic nephropathy, delay the process of renal function damage. The ideal blood pressure level is no more than 120/80mmHg, and it can be controlled below 130/80mmHg.

The renal function of diabetic nephropathy patients has been impaired to varying degrees, and their reserve capacity has declined. If nephrotoxic drugs are used carelessly, it will undoubtedly worsen the irreparable impairment of renal function.

Clinical studies have shown that protein diet can increase glomerular perfusion and pressure, aggravate renal blood flow changes; low protein diet can delay the rate of renal function damage in patients with diabetic nephropathy.

Most of diabetes patients take Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy to treat kidney disease from the root, which can treat diabetic nephropathy well. Chinese herbal medicines can control high blood sugar through improving blood circulations, promoting the metabolism, expending blood vessels, etc. So patients can get good effects after several days treatments.

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