What Causes Minimal Change Disease And How To Diagnose

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MCD,DiagnoseAdult MCD is usually secondary, often caused by other diseases or drugs. MCD in children is usually primary or idiopathic. If MCD has secondary causes, the related causes may be:

(1) Allergic reactions.

(2) The use of certain painkillers, commonly referred to as NSAIDS.

(3) Tumors.

(4) Viral infections.

What are the symptoms and signs of MCD?

1. because of the leakage of large amounts of protein into the urine, it is called proteinuria.

2. The accumulation of fluid in the body causes swelling in certain parts of the body, such as around the ankles and eyes, which is called "edema".

3. Because of the accumulation of more liquid in the body, it can not be cleared, leading to weight gain.

4. Nephrotic syndrome: It is a group of symptoms that occur simultaneously and affect the kidneys. These symptoms include edema, proteinuria, decreased blood protein levels, and increased blood lipid levels (generally hypercholesterolemia).

If you have any of the above symptoms or signs, please contact the ONLINE DOCTOR.

How to diagnose minimal change disease (MCD)?

The first clue is symptoms and signs. Doctors may do some examinations to identify the causes of symptoms and to find the appropriate treatment. These tests include:

1. Urine routine: It will help to detect protein and blood in urine.

2. Blood routine: It will help to find the levels of albumin, cholesterol and metabolites in blood.

3. Glomerular filtration rate (GFR): This blood test can understand the ability of the kidney to filter waste from the body.

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