Can iga Nephropathy Patients Take Tomatoes

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iga Nephropathy,Take TomatoesCan iga Nephropathy patients take tomatoes? Iga nephritis patients can eat tomatoes, but tomatoes are high in nutrition, which is relatively high in potassium ions, for patients with kidney disease is not suitable to eat more.

The renal function of patients with kidney disease presents problems, and the function of eliminating water is poor. And some kidney disease is not suitable to eat high potassium food, because kidney problems that elements are difficult to excrete from the body, so kidney disease patients should eat less tomatoes.

Iga nephritis patients pay special attention to salt, even do not eat salt, resulting in hyponatremia, hypochlorite, muscle spasm, hypotension, hypovolemia, orthostatic hypotension, salt restriction is necessary for patients with hypertension, edema, oliguria, chronic nephritis, renal failure, but salt restriction does not mean no salt, unless highly edematous Salt and water restriction should be strictly restricted. Low salt diet should generally be used.

Can Iga nephritis patients eat tomatoes? You should have known that tomatoes contain high potassium ions, kidney disease patients can not afford these potassium ions, so Iga nephritis patients must not eat more tomatoes.

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