How To Effectively Regulate High Blood Glucose For Which Kind Of Food

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High blood glucose doesn’t mean you have diabetes, but when you have diabetes, you must have high blood glucose. If your fasting blood-glucose is 6.1mmol/l in a long term, you would be diagnosed as diabetes. Normal fasting blood glucose is 3.9-6.1mmol/l. So we should pay attention to ourselves and family members health.

For people with high blood glucose, it is important to control our blood glucose through diet, so, i would introduce some kinds of foods that can help to control blood glucose effectively....


Apple can neutralize glucose in itself, there is no harm for high blood glucose for taking apple, while taking an apple after meal can control blood glucose preferably.

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Black agaric

Black agaric contains agaric polysaccharide and kinds of mineral substances such as vitamin,protein, carotene and potassium, sodium,calcium and iron.


Can People with Polycystic Kidney Disease Eat Pumpkin

It can tonifying middle-Jiao and Qi. Pumpkin contains fructose that it can restrain glucose absorption, and combining with excessive cholesterol in our body, in addition, it also has the function of avoiding cholesterol going up and prevent arteriosclerosis. It contains many elements that is beneficial to our body, it can promote insulin secretion.

Chinese yam

Chinese yam can improve high blood glucose effectively, Composition of bond-slip is formed by mucoprotein. Mucoprotein can wrap up other foods in intestinal tract, making it be absorbed gradually. This function can restrain dramatic elevation after meal and avoid over secretion of insulin, and make blood glucose get better control. Chinese yam contains effective element for insulin secretion. And vitaminB1, vitaminB2, these elements impost the metabolism of glucose in the blood. What’s more, chinese yam also contains amylase, it is a kind of amylase that can digestive glucose, and make no glucose deposit in the blood

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