What are the principles of renal failure diet

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Renal failure is a more serious kidney disease, and for any kidney disease patients, should control their own diet. So how should the control of kidney failure diet? What are the principles of renal failure diet?
1, the patient should control the intake of water to limit moisture
For patients, do not drink too much, for patients with renal failure, the general excretion of urine less, if the excessive intake of water, moisture can not be promptly excluded from the body, it is easy to cause body edema, blood pressure , And even pulmonary edema, to the patient caused serious injury.
2, patients should be high quality protein diet
For patients should be high-quality protein diet, such as milk, eggs, lean meat, fish and so on. The protein can adjust the creatinine clearance rate of the patient. But can not be excessive consumption of protein, or it is likely to cause changes in patients with pH.
3, the patient should be controlled salt intake
Renal failure patients should control the intake of salt, because there are a lot of salt sodium example, if you can not be too much body sodium excretion, it is easy to cause high blood pressure, edema, ascites, lung water, increase the burden on the heart, Over time is easy to cause heart failure.
For the principle of eating failure of kidney failure, the patient should follow the diet as much as possible. In the diet as much as possible to limit the water, low-salt diet and high-quality protein diet and other principles, so that the treatment of renal failure has a very important role.

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