Balanced Water and Diet Are Needed For Dialysis Patients

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Balanced Water and Diet Are Needed For Dialysis PatientsOne of the purposes of dialysis is to remove the excess waster and toxins, if the water can not be controlled well that the excess waster will be retention in body. Otherwise, Milk, fruit, beverages and other foods also contain water. So that it is very important to balance the diet and water for dialysis patients. So what will we do?

1. Low salt.

The amount of salt is usually 3~5g/d, it should also avoid eating high sodium foods, such as pickles, salted eggs, butter and other pickled products.

2. High-quality protein

Hemodialysis patients should take more protein than the conservative treatment, and the protein intake should be 1.2g/ (kg = D), which should be maintained with a high quality protein of 80%.

3. Vitamins and minerals are added

To increase Vitamins properly, but the daily intake should not exceed 100mg.

4. Calcium supplementation

5. Low potassium, low phosphrous.

Otherwise, what should i do?

As dialysis patients, we should try our best to reduce the times of dialysis, especially, if it is possible to avoid dialysis that is the most result.

Alternative treatments are chinese herbal medicines used in the external applications to play their effects, which includes: Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, Medicated bath, Foot bath, Immunotherapy, Toxins-Removing Treatments, Hot Compress Therapy, Acupuncture, Moxibustion, etc.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy aims at repairing the diseased cells and tissues for improving kidney function.

Medicated bath and Foot bath are beneficial for removing toxins and excess wastes out, patients can have a good sweat to relieve the tired and poor appetite.

Immunotherapy will wake up the immune systems, strength the immunity, so that patients can fight with cold and infection.

The alternative treatments can help reduce the times of dialysis, and there also is big hope for dialysis patients to avoid dialysis.

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