Diet And Exercise In Diabetic Patients With Uremia

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Exercise In Diabetic,UremiaWhat diet and exercise are suitable for Diabetic Nephropathy with uremia? What can i eat? How to do exercise?

1. Plan a reasonable diet

low salt, low protein, low cholesterol and low fat diet are the dietary principles of diabetic nephropathy.

Once diabetic microalbuminuria is abnormal, it is necessary to reduce or not eat vegetable protein, such as beans and bean products. You can eat high quality animal protein, such as lean meat and peeled fish.

If the renal function of diabetic nephropathy is obviously abnormal, some vegetables and fruits with high potassium are also restricted, such as rape, spinach, tomato, kelp, banana, peach and so on. Under the premise of strict control of blood sugar, the intake of pasta should be increased to avoid protein and fat decomposition too much.

Patients are in massive proteinuria, edema and renal insufficiency should be more specific to analyze the condition, make clear the stage of the disease, and adopt an individualized diet plan according to the characteristics of pathophysiological changes in the various stages of the disease.

2. Scientific rules of exercise.

In the early stage of diabetic nephropathy, patients should do exercise at least once every day after meals, at least half an hour each time, at least five days a week. Avoid long duration of exercise, which can continue to increase blood pressure. If there is clinical proteinuria, it is not suitable for intensive exercise therapy.

3. Treatment for diabetic nephropathy patients to prolong life expectancy.

In clinical, diabetic nephropathy with uremia are in a series of complication tat they are in low quality life. Here we recommend Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy to relieve complications in 10-15 days. Chinese herbal medicines used in the treatments can expend blood vessels, improve blood circulations, promote the metabolism, anti inflammation, anti coagulation, degradation, so it can repair diseased cells and tissues that patients can come back to normal life successfully.

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