What Are The Reasonable Diet For Kidney Failure Patients

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Kidney Failure Patients,Reasonable DietKidney Disease patients are most concerned about the treatment as soon as possible, so how to eat at the same time of treatment? How can diet assist treatment? How do patients with kidney disease eat?

1. How to limit the intake of salt in patients with kidney disease?

No matter what kind of kidney disease, as long as there is edema, we must limit the intake of salt. When edema is obvious, it should be limited to less than 1 grams per day, and even no salt with serious conditions. The aim of low salt diet is to reduce retention of water and sodium, reduce edema and decrease blood pressure. For patients with renal insufficiency, strict attention should be paid to salt intake and diet should be slight.

2. How do kidney patients eat vegetables and fruits?

Kidney patients, if the general urine volume is normal, no less urine and renal failure, renal insufficiency diet should be more vegetables, fruit, to provide adequate vitamins. If the patient's urine volume decreases, especially when less than 500 ml per day, vegetables and fruits should be eaten selectively.

Because vegetables and fruits are generally rich in potassium, and kidney disease patients with oliguria, serum potassium levels are increased. Too high potassium can cause sudden cardiac arrest and life threatening.

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