Should Kidney Disease In Children Need Low-Protein Diet

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Low-Protein Diet,Kidney Disease,ChildrenFirst of all, clinical studies only show that low-protein diet in adults is beneficial for Kidney Disease, and there is no evidence that low-protein diet in children can improve the condition of nephropathy. Adults need 1g protein per kilogram of body weight every day, while children need more protein when they are growing up, about 1.5 g per kilogram of body weight.

Secondly, children's nephropathy mostly returns well, and generally will not be treated as adults. The most common types of nephropathy in children are the following:

1. Minimal Change Disease is sensitive to hormones. Urinary protein decreases significantly after treatment. More than 90% of minimally invasive nephropathy will not affect renal function.

2. Henoch-Schonlein purpura nephritis, the vast majority will not progress to uremia, the prognosis is good.

3. Acute nephritis, as long as the standard treatment, almost all of the acute nephritis can be cured, and acute nephritis has self-healing.

4. Drug-related tubulointerstitial diseases, such as the kidney damage caused by cold drugs, gastric drugs and other drugs, can be timely relieved of pathogenic factors, support treatment, renal function can be restored.

Children may also suffer from membranous proliferative nephropathy, IgA Nephropathy and other Kidney Diseases requiring long-term treatment, but they are rare.

Most children with nephropathy have shorter treatment time and better prognosis than adults, and need more protein intake per unit weight than adults. So in general, we do not emphasize that children should restrict meat. Restricting children to eat meat will be harmful to their health because of insufficient nutrition. As long as there is no large amount of salt and fat in the food, it is no problem for children to eat protein-rich foods such as lean meat, eggs, milk and so on.

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