What Fruits Can Help to Reduce Creatinine Level

Time :May 11, 2017    Views :110

Creatinine level is the indicator of kidney function. When creatinine level increases, people begin to be anxious about their medical condition and seek ways to lower it. What fruits help to reduce creatinine level?

Generally speaking, eating fruits can benefit people’s health because fruits can play various roles, like controlling blood pressure, promoting digestion function, maintaining figure. To patients with increased creatinine level, it is normally good to eat plain food like fruits, but there are somethings to be noticed, as the increased creatinine level indicates kidney dysfunction, when choosing fruit, patients need to firstly obey the principle of low protein. Most kinds of fruits contain little or no proteins, while some contain relatively high proteins, the non-essential amino acid after metabolism will bring extra workload to the kidney, this sort of fruits contain coconut, blackberry, plum, honeydew melon, banana.

Hyperpotassemia is a common complication when one’s kidney disease reached the end stage, patients need to restrict the potassium intake, fruits which contain rich potassium include banana, litchi, strawberry, watermelon, etc. Besides, when patients suffer from serious edema, they should avoid to eat fruits that contain rich water, like pear and watermelon. The malic acid in apples has a good function in adjusting acid-base balance and electrolyte balance, it can be selected as the prime fruit to controlling creatinine level, other fruit like kiwi fruit contains rich vitamin B2, cherry can helps to excrete metabolic wastes in blood, also it contributes to defecation, they can be good to control creatinine in CKD patients.

To high creatinine level which caused from diabetic nephropathy, it is better to stay away from fruits because most fruits taste sweet and contains rich monosaccharide or disaccharide, which can rise the blood glucose in short time. Apple is one of the few fruit which are low in sugar, and the sugar in it won’t be absorbed very fast, it is the fruit that favorable to most patients with kidney diseases.

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