What is A Good Diet for CKD Patients

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What is A Good Diet for CKD PatientsFor CKD patients, they should pay more attention to their own life to protect their kidney from damaging and to prevent the CKD from developing into kidney failure. Besides, the diet plays an important role in preserve the kidney. So, what is a food diet for CKD patients?

1. Low-salt food.

The CKD patients should take about 5g salt every day. A large amount of salt means there are more sodium intakes. It will lead to high blood pressure.

2. Low-phosphorus eating.

The damaged kidney can not completely eliminate the phosphorus from body. Besides, high serum phosphorus will rise the risk of stopping the heart from beating. Also, it will give rise to other discomforts such as itching skin.

3. Low-protein diet.

People need animal proteins to fit the demands of the human living activity. CKD patients would better take about 20g animal proteins including egg white, fish, chicken, etc. In addition, the plant protein will improve the burden of the kidney. Besides, for CKD patients who have been on dialysis, they ought to have more animal protein intakes.

4. Others.

The wine, cigarette and spicy food is not allowed. What’s more, due to the patients’ physical situations, many food will be limited. You can contact the Online Doctor to get a list of the diet freely.

At last of the essay, I suggest the CKD patients to adopt an effective treatment timely. There still changes for CKD patients to return to a normal life.

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