Diet And Exercise Help Regulate Renal Insufficiency

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Regulate Renal Insufficiency,ExerciseCore Tips: renal insufficiency patients should take bland diet, kidney nourishing, have a good rest, keep good smooth. At the same time, strength self health care, do reasonable exercise.

How to regulate kidney function?

1. Strengthen self health care

For patients with poor renal function, we must strengthen self health care, and appropriately add some amateur activities to ourselves. We should do regular exercise and enhance the ability to resist disease. At the same time, we should also go outdoors to breathe fresh air, try to avoid the occurrence of upper respiratory tract infection, remove the infection foci, and let the virus have no chance to ride. But we should also pay attention to the amount and extent of activities should be well controlled, do not let yourself overwork.

2. Reasonable Arrangement Of Rest Time

Patients with poor renal function must make proper arrangements for their work and rest time so that they can make regular progress in their own time. In particular, rest time, do not stay up all night, every day to ensure normal sleep time. At the same time, do not overwork in the work, relax yourself and keep yourself relaxed and happy. There is also to try not to drink water before going to bed, to reduce the incidence of edema.

3. Food

For patients with poor renal function, we must eat more kidney food, such as vegetable, cucumber, , amaranth, lettuce, green pepper, bitter melon and so on; fruit has grapes, hawthorn, apple, citrus, orange, strawberry, and so on. There are many foods for kidney nourishing. We should learn to collect them by ourselves. We can also pick out some kinds of foods that we like to eat in many kidney nourishing foods. In addition, we should properly limit the intake of salt and avoid the occurrence of edema.

Patients with poor renal function mainly start from several aspects, such as diet and exercise. In the diet as far as possible to be bland, eat more vegetables and fruits, let yourself have a full rest time, to ensure a happy mood. At the same time, the last point is also the most important point. We must strengthen self health care and try our best to exercise more, but the intensity of exercise must be well controlled.

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