What Are The Advantages Of Low Protein Diet For Chronic Kidney Disease Patients

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Chronic Kidney Disease,Low ProteinFirst of all, what is a low protein diet? Low protein diet is a dietary restriction. It is commonly used for acute Nephritis, Diabetic Nephropathy, uremia and liver failure. The daily protein supply is about 0.5 grams per kilogram of body weight. The total amount is generally limited to 20-40 grams (including animal and vegetable protein) according to the condition of the disease. High quality protein, such as milk, eggs, lean meat and so on, should be selected as far as possible.

What is a low protein diet? What are the advantages of low protein diet for patients with Chronic Kidney Disease?

First, protein diet can increase insulin and glucagon secretion. Excessive glucagon and insulin can increase GFR, in addition, excessive insulin can also excite the sympathetic nerve, affect lipid metabolism, promote the function of glucose transporter-1 (GluT1) and so on to cause further damage to the kidney. Nitrogenous metabolites caused by protein diet cause nephropathy progression due to increased kidney burden. Low protein diet can slow down the rate of renal dysfunction.

So a reasonable reduction in the intake of some substances can produce less metabolic waste, reduce the pressure on the kidneys to work. Therefore, doctors generally require patients with kidney disease to limit protein intake.

The best way to treat kidney disease is to repair damaged kidney with chinese herbal medicines. Recently there is an innovation of Chinese medicines that is called Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy. It is a miracle therapy for kidney disease patients and it has helped many chronic kidney disease patients to have great improvements of their illness conditions, avoid dialysis and have much prolonged life expectancy without dialysis. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is based on traditional Chinese medicines and it has combined with osmosis technology to promote the efficacy of Chinese medicines so that the treatment course is much shortened compared with TCM remedy.

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