What Kinds Of Fruits Can Not Be Eaten By Patients With Uremia

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Patients With Uremia,FruitsPatients with Renal Failure will enter the uremic period with the development of the disease, at this stage patients will generally appear anorexia symptoms, in addition, uremic patients should pay special attention to dietary aspects, including daily salt intake, to ensure daily physical necessities; variety of main foods, in order to increase the appetite of patients; One should pay attention to the selection of vegetables and fruits rich in vitamins. However, not all fruit and uremic patients can eat. Which fruit is not able to eat in patients with uremia, to understand this is actually very important for patients.

1. Grapefruit is a high potassium food, uremic or kidney dialysis patients should not eat more, so as not to aggravate the burden of the kidneys. In addition, physical fitness is not suitable for consumption of grapefruit. Secondly, do not take grapefruit, especially angina pectoris, lowering blood pressure, lowering blood lipids, antihistamines and other drugs, because grapefruit juice contains flavonoids, will inhibit the metabolism of liver drugs, resulting in increased efficacy and risk, so before and after taking grapefruit should be taken two hours interval, more safe.

2. Carambola has the effect of resolving thirst and reducing fire, but uremic patients, eating carambola, symptoms of light people will have more than hiccups, serious people will be killed by seizures.

Patients with oliguria, hypertension and edema should also strictly restrict drinking water, because fruit contains more water, excessive consumption will aggravate edema. Patients with low urine volume, fewer dialysis times and high blood potassium must strictly control foods with high potassium content, such as pears and bananas.

Which fruit is not able to eat in patients with uremia, to understand this is actually very important for patients. One thing that renal failure patients must know is that when the disease progresses to uremia without active treatment, a small amount of blood and protein will inevitably be lost every dialysis. As the survival time prolongs, nutritional status deteriorates year by year, complications and mortality increase. Patients with glomerular filtration rate lower than 25 ml per minute can choose Kaitong (compound alpha-ketoacid tablets) with low-protein diet, for the prevention and treatment of chronic renal insufficiency caused by protein metabolism disorders caused by damage, to avoid the disease to uremia.

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