Depending On Illness Conditions To Adjust The Diet Of Chronic Kidney Disease

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Chronic Kidney Disease,Illness ConditionsThe nutritional status of renal patients is one of the important factors affecting the quality of life, the incidence of complications and the survival rate. However, due to various reasons, the incidence of malnutrition in renal patients is still very high (30%-60%). Patients should pay attention to the following points:

1. Check and evaluate nutritional status in time, and take effective measures to actively adjust to improve the quality of life and long-term survival rate, such as maintaining weight and grip strength, maintaining laboratory indicators.

2. Provide high-quality protein within the limits of protein intake as far as possible, so as to ensure the needs of human protein metabolism and reduce the decomposition of tissue protein. When symptoms disappear and blood urea nitrogen returns to normal for a period of time, the protein intake in the diet can be increased gradually and appropriately. The high-quality protein supplied throughout the day can be evenly distributed in the three meals to better play the complementary role of protein.

3. Adequate energy must be guaranteed every day. Mono-unsaturated fatty acids, mainly carbohydrates and vegetable oils, can be used as the main sources of energy.

4. Accurate electrolyte intake, away from hyperkalemia and hyperphosphatemia. The amount of salt in the diet should be flexibly controlled according to the edema and the condition of the patient, so as to maintain the balance of electrolyte and acid-base. If patients with hyperkalemia, in the diet should be careful to eat fruits and vegetables, in cooking can be used to reduce potassium content by a large amount of boiling method.

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