What Kinds Of Diet Principle Can Protect The Residual Kidney Functions

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Residual Kidney Functions,Diet PrincipleThe amount of salt in the diet of renal insufficiency should be determined according to the condition of the disease. If there is hypertension and edema, low-salt diet should be used, 2 grams of salt per day.

How can renal dysfunction protect some residual renal function instead of developing more seriously?

1. In order to maximize the use of protein intake and not allow it to be converted into energy consumption, a low-protein diet must be supplemented with energy. Daily weight of at least 35 kilocalories per kilogram of calories, mainly supplied by sugar, can eat fruit, sucrose products, chocolate, jam, honey and so on.

2. There must be a reasonable intake of protein. Metabolites in the body are mainly derived from protein in the diet, so protein intake must be compatible with kidney excretion in order to reduce the workload of the remaining kidneys.

For example, when the serum creatinine is 170 - 440 micromolar / liter, the protein is 0 per kilogram of body weight per day. 6 grams should be appropriate, and those with a large amount of proteinuria can add 1 to 1 grams of urinary protein per loss. 5 grams of protein. When serum creatinine exceeds 440 micromoles/L, protein intake should be further reduced, with the total daily dose not exceed 30 grams. However, it must be emphasized that if the pursuit of limiting protein intake will lead to malnutrition, physical decline, the effect is not good.

3. The amount of salt in the renal insufficiency diet should depend on the condition of the disease, if there is hypertension, edema, it is appropriate to use a low-salt diet, 2 grams of salt a day.

4. It is worth noting that although some foods meet the preceding conditions, such as egg yolk, meat floss, animal viscera, dairy products, bone marrow, etc., but because of their high phosphorus content is not edible, because the retention of phosphorus can further deteriorate the function of the kidney. In order to reduce the phosphorus content in food, fish, meat, potatoes, etc., should be boiled and discarded before further cooking.

5. Drugs excreted through the kidney may also damage the kidney, such as gentamicin, sulfonamide antibiotics, penicillin, indomethacin, paracetamol, hormones, contrast agents and so on.

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