Fruit For Diabetic Nephropathy Patients With Creatinine 3.5

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Long years of high blood sugar will cause Diabetic Nephropathy. Creatinine 3.5 means that your kidney has damaged seriously, so patients should pay attention on the disease, then take reasonable diet, treatments for treating diabetic nephropathy. Some patients think that patients should avoid fruit, because the sugar in fruit can increase the level of glucose in the blood of these patients. In fact, it is wrong that patients can take some types of fruit.

As introduced by doctors of the kidneys, the fruits are delicious and can provide Rich Vitamin C, Fiber, Minerals and Nutrients for the body. These are beneficial to the Prevention of arterial sclerosis, retinopathy. In general, fruits also contain Fructose and glucose Rich. Indeed, in Fructose Metabolism need not insulin, and the main composition in fruit, which affects the level of Blood Sugar Is Glucose.

If you high blood sugar can not be controlled well that you had better avoid Fruits. However, if the levels of sugar in the blood and urine are well managed, they can eat about 100g of fruit all days and pick the fruits that are low in Sugar.

Today, we are here to list various types of fruits that are appropriate for Patients with Diabetic Nephropathy and High creatinine 3.5. You can consult the Online Doctor in directly, or by e-mail

Grapefruit: grapefruit Juice Fresh states that have the property of insulin which can reduce Blood Sugar High and protect Cardiovascular Health.

Cherry: This Fruit is rich in antioxidants and low in Potassium, which can help to protect the remaining functioning renal tissue. Cherry contains Pectin can increase the secretion of insulin to lower the Blood Sugar level.

Apple: because the sugar in the Apple is absorbed slowly, it can reduce Blood Sugar, to some extent, especially after meals. However, diabetics can not eat too many Apples a day.

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