What is A Well Diet for PKD Patients

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What is A Well Diet for PKD PatientsAlmost all the PKD patients are interested in the diet which is good and which should be avoided. Limited by the length of the essay, we can not list all the foods there, but you can contact Online Doctor for free information about diets.

As all we know, the PKD patients need to have a low-salt, low-fat, low-protein diet. Besides, do you know the reasons?

The salt can elevate the blood press and lead to kidney damage.

Fat will increase the harmful substances in the body and stasis in the blood vessels, which is risk for the kidney.

Protein, especially the vegetable protein can add the burden of the kidney. In addition, the patients must take some animal protein to meet the needs of the patients to maintain the normal living.

The food which PKD patients can have.

Vegetable. Carrots, broccoli, cucumber, bitter gourd and others

Fruit. grape, apple, kiwi berry, jujube, etc.

Others. Fish, chicken, eggs, milk and so on.

The food which is baleful to PKD patients.

Cigarette, wine, chili, banana, seafood, dried food, shellfish, fungus and other rich-phosphorus, rich-potassium, rich-sodium foods.

As a matter of fact, the diet will be changed due to the patients illness conditions, please consult the doctor for a detailed information.

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