How Long Can Patients Live Once Enter Into End Stage Renal Disease

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End Stage Renal Disease,PatientsMore and more people wnat to know that how long can they live, which depends on all kinds of factors. Following this article to get the answer, or you can consult ONLINE DOCTOR directly in free. 

1. The extent of renal impairment.

Detoxification is the most important function of kidney. Therefore, kidney has important role in clearing away toxins and excess wastes.

In the absence of dialysis, factors such as urine color, amount of urine and turbidity of urine can reflect the detoxification capacity and damage degree of the kidney, which helps to further understand the situation of residual renal function and the cycle required to repair renal function.

In addition, renal fibrosis and other examinations can also be used to understand the survival of renal cells, in order to better judge the prognosis.

2. The severity of the patient's condition.

It is generally believed that when the serum creatinine of nephrotic patients reaches 442 umol/L, it marks the beginning of uremia, also known as the early stage of uremia, which is often heard of as renal failure. When creatinine >707umol/L indicates that you enter into End Stage Renal Disease, the higher the serum creatinine, the less survival time.

3. The patient himself complicating symptoms.

When the kidney disease develops to the stage of uremia, the complications will gradually increase. The number and severity of complications will have a serious impact on how long uremic patients can live.

These complications are mainly related to high potassium, hypertension, heart damage and so on. Patients can analyze their own symptoms and consult their doctors about the severity of these complications and their physical consequences.

4. The treatment process of uremia.

The process of treatment is very important for any disease. In the early stage, chronic kidney disease can be suppressed by controlling blood pressure, blood sugar and avoiding the use of nephrotoxic drugs. Once diagnosed as uremia, dialysis should be used to treat it. If dialysis is late, the more complications will occur, and the life span of patients will also be increased.

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