What Advice To Patients With Nephrotic Syndrome Expert!

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Medical proof, renal syndrome should be early treatment, the sooner the better the treatment effect. In particular, it should be noted that some kidney is not primary (that is, the cause of renal syndrome is unknown). But secondary to lupus erythematosus and other systemic diseases, the treatment is not the same. But sometimes the clinical performance is very similar, and even experienced doctors, sometimes without detailed testing, it is not easy to accurately diagnose it.
Some diseases are treated with traditional Chinese medicine, which can be used to get good curative effect, and it can diagnose some diseases by looking, smelling, asking and cutting. However, it should be pointed out that this is not the whole, especially the diagnosis of the kidney..
Modern medicine also shows that not only the primary and secondary kidney comprehensive treatment method is different, even in the primary kidney comprehensive, the pathological tissue type is different, the treatment method also has the difference, does not clarify the diagnosis, the disorderly open the medicine, may occur the misdiagnosis and mistreatment.
Some kidney syndrome patients like to see both Western medicine, Chinese and Western medicine together to eat, that this is the combination of traditional Chinese and Western medicine, the disease will be faster and better. In fact, this is not right. Because in the Western medicine do not understand what the other drugs and their drug, it is easy to occur, the West phase grams, not only can not achieve good results, but also should not happen side effects.
Chinese and Western medicine mixed treatment method is not advisable. Of course, I am in favor of the integrated treatment of integrated Chinese and Western medicine, that is, a doctor at the same time Open Chinese and western medicine, or Chinese medicine and Western medicine close cooperation, to prepare their respective Chinese and western medicine prescriptions. Each does not ventilate, each line of its way of Chinese and Western medicine mixed treatment is not called integrated Chinese and Western medicine.
Expert advice to patients with nephrotic syndrome patients should pay attention to is that disease treatment can not be dragged, to grasp the best treatment time for rehabilitation of the disease is very important. So, with the disease, early treatment is the key.

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