How To Treat The Damaged Kidney Function

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Damaged Kidney Function,Core Tips: What can we do with damaged kidney function? When kidney functions are damaged seriously that patients will enter into Uremia stage, which will threaten your life. So how to treat the damaged kidney function?

What can we do with damaged kidney function?

1. Treatments principle

Kidney function is the ability of working. Low kidney function is detoxification, urination and other function damage, which refers kidney function failure. Renal dysfunction is the manifestation of the deterioration of renal damage caused by various causes, which is divided into the stage of renal dysfunction according to the degree of renal dysfunction, the renal dysfunction is also called azatremia period; renal failure stage, end-stage also called uremia. Especially in end-stage uremia, the kidneys are completely losing their function, and they are also thought to be impaired.

2. Medical treatments

We suggest the combination of western medicine and chinese medicine to treat Kidney Disease. We should treat high blood pressure and anemia in positively. For damaged renal functions patients, due to kidney overload to work for a long time, there are lots of kidney cells and tissues damaged, kidneys are in ischemic and anoxia. So the key is to solve the ischemic and anoxia. Here we strongly recommend Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy.

Chinese Herbal Medicines used in the therapy will flow with blood to clear away toxins and excess wastes. And chinese herbal medicines have good effects to expend blood vessels, improve blood circulations, promoting the metabolism, which can increase the blood to damaged kidney. So it can supply enough nutrients and oxygen to damaged kidney functions. After several times of treatments, diseased cells and tissues can be repaired, which can reverse kidney functions.

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