How to keep away from diabetic kidney disease

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Suffering High blood pressure for a longer time increases the risks that you will have kidney damage.

you are more likely to develop kidney disease if your bllod pressure is too high and blood pressure is too high.

How to keep away from diabetic kidney disease?

African Americans, American Indians, and Hispanics/Latinos develop diabetes, kidney disease, and kidney failure at a higher rate than Caucasians. If you already have the High blood pressure, you should get rid of the following behaviors to keep away from the diabetic kidney disease.

1) Smoke

2) No exercise

3) Being overweight

4) Have heart disease

5) Don’t follow your diabetes eating plan

6) Take in foods containing high sugar

7) Staying up all night

8) Don’t have the enough sleep

How to reach your blood glucose and blood pressure goals?

Medicines that lower blood pressure can also help slow kidney damage. But you would better to take medicines as prescribed.

1) Work with a dietitian to develop a diabetes meal plan and limit salt and sodium.

2) Stay at or get to a healthy weight.

3) Get enough sleep. Aim 7 to 8 hours of sleep each night.

4) Stop smoking.

5) Make physical activity part of your routine.

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