Best caring methods with medicated bath fortreating renal failure

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This article introduction: renal failure is a common form of kidney disease.So how do you know in daily life, methods for medicated bath care?

Clinical often encounter some patients with renal function not complete, they haven't reached the point of the dialysis, but due to the toxin inside body cannot be ruled out, which was growing.Some hospital urology department in the past, on the basis of oral Chinese medicine medicinal broth with enema therapy, steam was carried out by Chinese medicine therapy, namely fumigation dipping method, made more than 50 cases of patients with chronic renal function is not complete in the relaxed skin dialysis "reduce the disease in different degrees.

Pyelonephritis weeks in their early 40 s, 9 years, recently because of symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, swelling, itching, renal medicine treatment to the hospital, was diagnosed with uremia after hospitalization.In oral Chinese medicine prescription "detoxification reversal" at the same time, using "dipping" fumigation treatment, two weeks ms erros is gradually eliminate the symptoms, physical strength increased, serum creatinine, blood urea nitrogen and other indicators improved significantly.For one and a half months after treatment, and after a period of rehabilitation, ms zhou is now to return to work.

"Evaporate" medicated bath: patients with that kind of feeling is only one word - "cool".

In addition to the head, the whole people lay into the closed steam treatment equipment of traditional Chinese medicines, accept 30 minutes of medicated bath fumigating.Accept fumigation process, also can chat with friends and family, it can also be used for a close your eyes and take a nap sleep, very comfortable.The next day at a time, a course of 10 days.The end of each treatment, feel whole body easily, no itching and irritation.

For these patients with renal function is not complete, when using general of alternative therapies work hard, can consider to detox from the skin.To the centralizer, eliminate pathogenic, blood, xie turbidity, detoxification medicine for the series formula, with the patients of different syndrome types and subtract medical, put the Chinese medicine into the pot, through the hot steam, fumigation in patients with systemic skin, make its sweating, eliminate edema, accelerate the pathological products and the excretion of toxins such as blood stasis, lowering blood creatinine and urea nitrogen toxins such as product, improve renal function and clinical symptoms, enhance the body's immune ability.

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