What is the Index of PKD

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What is Diagnosis of PKDPKD (Polycystic Kidney Disease) is a genetic kidney disorder. But, do you know what is the index of PKD?

1.The main indexes of PKD.

The unnumbered small and large cysts which are full of fluid growing in the renal cortex and medulla kidney.

Here is a family history of PKD. And it is an autosomal dominant inheritance

The result of gene linkage analysis is positive reaction.

2. The auxiliary pointer of PKD.

Polycystic liver, renal insufficiency, pancreatic cyst, spleen cyst, abnormal heart valve, intracranial aneurysm, celiocele, etc.

3. The medical inspection of PKD.

Routine urine test. In the early stage of PKD, we can not find any abnormality. Besides, in the middle or end stage of PKD, we can see blood or protein in the urine.

Osmotic pressure assay. The osmotic pressure will be reduced.

Serum creatinine. The serum creatinine will go up to higher.

KBU. The sharp of the pelvis and kidney calices has changed due to the constriction.

B ultrasonic. So many dark field in the two kidney.

CT. We can find two larger kidneys and many cysts.

4. The symptoms of PKD.

Kidney enlargement, back pain, blood in urine, hypertension and so on.

If you find you have one or some symptoms of PKD, please take series of lab tests to make sure whether you are ill with PKD. And thus, you can take a natural and effective treatment to limit the cysts and protect the kidney from further damage.

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