Does Bubble In Urine Indicate Kidney Disease

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Bubble In Urine,Kidney Disease,The foam in the urine should not be taken lightly. It may be a precursor of kidney disease. We know that kidney disease is usually the result of renal fibrosis, because the kidney is damaged, the filtration of renal tubules is reduced, so that a large amount of protein leaks out with the urine, which is what we call. Proteinuria.

In the outpatient clinic, many patients came to see because there was a bubble in the urine. Generally speaking, if the foam is large or small, and lasts for a short time, this is because urine contains some organic substances (glucose) and inorganic substances (mineral salts) to make urine tension is strong, belonging to the normal rise of foam. This kind of foam urine does not necessarily mean that the body is out of order. But if the bubble is quickly disappearing, be alert to diabetes.

If there is a thin layer of foam floating on the surface of urine, it may be proteinuria. The best way to identify oneself is to take a test tube filled with 20 ml urine, hand oscillation back and forth, such as the surface of urine appears small and long lasting foam, suspicious albuminuria, or urine test as the standard, should go to the hospital in time for further examination and diagnosis. The earliest change of glomerulonephritis is the appearance of urinary protein in the urine. There are often no other symptoms or signs except urinary occult blood. If we do not get active and effective treatment, nephritis will develop further, renal insufficiency will occur in five years, and uremia will develop in about ten years. This is the inevitable occurrence of urinary protein and urinary occult blood. Show the law.

Of course, if the occurrence of foamy urine and accompanied by frequent urination, urgent urination, urinary pain or edema, hypertension, or drink more urine, eat more, thirst and other symptoms, must go to the hospital for diagnosis, and take effective treatment measures.

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