What Are The Symptoms Of Early Renal Failure

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Early Renal Failure,Symptoms1. Swollen

Edema is a very easy to detect symptoms, we will feel the ankle and eyelids edema, slowly may develop to the whole body. We also have to learn to distinguish between edema and obesity, edema we use a little bit of the finger will have a depression, it will take a while to recover, and this is not the case with fat, many people will be edema as fat, and finally miss the best treatment time. Edema is mainly due to the kidney can not remove excess water in the body caused by fluid retention in the body tissue gap, usually after a short rest will disappear. When the symptoms of edema are still present for a long time, a long time shows that the condition is very serious.

2. The complexion is yellow.

The complexion is yellowed. You will generally understand that no rest is good. In fact, it may be an early symptom of renal failure. Early onset of renal failure will lead to anemia, which will cause the patient's complexion to yellowing. The onset of this disease is a slow process of development. At first, it is difficult to find that it will gradually appear over time. When yellowing persists for a long time, or is getting worse, we should pay attention to it. It is not an ordinary lack of rest, but early onset of symptoms of renal failure, indicating that our bodies have problems.

3. Sleepiness and fatigue

In our life, we encounter too many sleepiness, fatigue symptoms, caused by the original is particularly many, so it is easy to be ignored by everyone. Especially those in the career "all-out fight" people, long-term tension, it is easy to feel that frequent brainstorming or fatigue caused, familiar with may be due to kidney problems. Drowsiness and fatigue are actually symptoms of early renal failure. When our body has similar symptoms and can not recover for a long time, we should attach great importance to them.

4. Hypertension symptoms

Kidney organs in the body have the function of excreting sodium and draining water. When kidney function is damaged, sodium and water will be retained in the body. At the same time, the kidney will secrete some substances that raise blood pressure. Therefore, patients with early renal failure will have varying degrees of hypertension. Once hypertension is combined with a poor coagulation mechanism, it can easily cause bleeding in the nose or gingiva. We must observe more carefully, if we do not pay attention on it that maybe threaten our lives.

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