Whether I Take Hormones To Treat Hematuria Or Not

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Treat Hematuria,Hormones,If your Hematuria is pure deformed erythrocyte urine, without Proteinuria and Hypertension, it may be mild Glomerulonephritis, but usually the prognosis is good, more than 95% of illness conditions will not develop, generally do not need medication treatment.

That is because the effect of erythrocyte urine itself on the kidney is slight, far less than the effect of hormones on the kidney, in this conditions, patients in China commonly take Chinese Herbal Medicine to treat hematuria from the root, at the same time, it can repair damaged kidney and rebuild kidney structures. So it maybe a good choice for Kidney Disease patients with hematuria.

The progress of the patient's condition will show proteinuria and hypertension, so the main observation is whether there will be proteinuria and hypertension, and whether the nature of hematuria changes, such as every 1-3 months to check urine routine, 1-2 times a month to check blood pressure, once a year to check red blood cell morphology and so on.

If the urine routine is normal for many times, the frequency of examination can be reduced, but the urine routine should be checked at least once a year in order to detect the disease in time. At ordinary times, we should pay attention to avoid all kinds of infections, such as colds, upper respiratory tract infections, intestinal infections and so on. We can take part in sports, but we should not take part in fierce competitive sports.

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