What Kinds Of Signs Mean Kidney Failure

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Kidney Failure,SignsNow more and more patients with Kidney Disease, but often patients find the disease later, until the hospital examination, the condition has already been. In fact, as long as we pay more attention to our physical performance in life, early detection of disease and early treatment. In fact, our body always reminds us of our health, so what are the signs of Kidney Failure?

In the early stage of nephropathy, pain is often not felt, and it is difficult to detect. Now let's talk about the signals of nephropathy for your reference.

1. Insufficient: When the kidney function is not good, a lot of waste is difficult to excrete from the urine, and there will be a feeling of mental depression, fatigue, fatigue, and fatigue.

2. Poor appetite: patients will have a variety of digestive tract symptoms, especially because of gastrointestinal edema, often have the symptoms of digestive disorders such as diet, abdominal distension.

3. Nausea and vomiting: When diabetic patients suffer from renal failure, blood urea nitrogen increases. Urea is decomposed into ammonia by bacterial urease in intestinal tract. Ammonia can stimulate gastrointestinal mucosa and cause nausea and vomiting.

4. there are bubbles in urine. There are many reasons for foaming in the urine. Kidney disease also causes this phenomenon. If the protein is leaked from the kidney to the urine, it will cause many bubbles.

5. Irregular urination: Healthy people urinate about 4-6 times a day, urine volume about 800-2000 ml, if the number of urination and urine volume is too much or too little, we should pay attention to it.

6. Urinary protein and occult blood: urine protein or occult blood, is an important indicator of kidney disease, urine routine can be detected.

7. Anemia: Anemia patients often go to the hematology department.

8. Hypertension: Hypertension can cause hypertensive nephropathy, also known as hypertensive kidney damage, so people with hypertension should pay more attention.

9. Gout and hyperuricemia: Gout and hyperuricemia are caused by excessive uric acid in the blood. People with high uric acid in the blood will deposit uric acid in the kidney, which will impair renal function.

10. Urinary tract infection: People with frequent urinary tract infections, for a long time, may cause renal insufficiency.

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