What Are The Effects Of Proteinuria On Renal Function

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Effects Of Proteinuria,Renal Function,Proteinuria is the product of impaired renal function. There was no protein in the urine, but when the basement membrane of the kidney was damaged, the protein was no longer controlled. Some of the proteinuria leaked out to form proteinuria in vitro.

The leakage of protein will make the pore of the renal filtration membrane become larger and larger, and the function of the renal filtration will become worse and worse, aggravating the disease. Delaying progress in renal function and lowering proteinuria levels are part of the treatment details.

Hormones can reduce protein and delay renal function by eliminating inflammation in kidney. But hormone dependence and side effects.

Puli and sartan drugs have been proved to reduce protein and protect kidney

These two drugs were initially used to treat hypertension. The efforts of scientists have shown that these two drugs can also improve the glomerular filtration rate, reduce the burden of renal filtration, reduce the level of proteinuria and achieve the goal of protecting the kidney by reducing intraglomerular hypertension in the kidney.

Usually, patients with serum creatinine below 265 micromol/L and two symptoms of hypertension and proteinuria can take these two drugs, and hormone-sensitive patients can also take them together.

Nephropathy patients taking this kind of drug should pay attention to two points:

I. Pay attention to the monitoring of serum creatinine

A small number of patients taking sartan drugs have increased creatinine, which is also a more obvious side effect. We all know that too high creatinine is harmful to the kidney. It is generally acceptable to control creatinine elevation within 30% after taking such drugs, and creatinine will recover as the condition improves.

But if more than 30% of them need to be considered after drug reduction and dressing change. For example, if you have a creatinine value of 150 micromol/L now, it's not a big problem to rise below 195 micromol/L after taking it.

II. Pay Attention to Monitoring Blood Potassium Indicators

Sartans themselves have a tendency to cause elevated blood potassium, so if there are kidney friends with high blood potassium, we should pay more attention to monitoring. During taking this kind of medicine, pay attention to eating less potassium-rich foods such as fruit bananas, mango, longan, etc. Vegetables such as kelp, self-contained, spinach and mushrooms, etc.

Reminder: Patients with congenital bilateral renal artery stenosis, pregnant women should not take such drugs.

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