Is Edema Related To Kidney Failure

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Kidney Failure,Edema RelatedEdema is a common sign of Nephropathy, so many people rush to ask: Is it Nephropathy? What should I do?

In fact, edema can reflect problems in different parts of the body. Edema may be caused by several factors.

1. Cardiac edema

Often sitting or standing, edema usually begins in the lower limbs (especially the feet and ankles). If you stay in bed for many days, lower limb edema will be significantly reduced, and back subcutaneous edema will become obvious.

Cardiac edema can also show signs of heart rate acceleration, heart enlargement, liver congestion (fatigue and vomiting, dyspnea, mental depression, loss of appetite, B-mode ultrasound showing liver enlargement, etc.).

2. Hepatic edema

Hepatic edema is often characterized by ascites and hydrothorax, but it develops slowly; lower limbs and subcutaneous edema are not obvious.

Patients are often accompanied by jaundice, liver enlargement, spider nevus (nevus body has a central point, surrounded by small radial vascular branches), abdominal wall varices and other symptoms.

3. Renal edema

Renal edema mainly includes nephritis edema and nephrotic edema.

Nephritic edema is characterized by eyelid and facial edema, which develops rapidly with hydrothorax and abdomen. Patients will have proteinuria, hematuria, hypertension and other symptoms;

Nephrotic edema, caused by urinary protein, usually begins at the lower extremity.

4. Malnutritional edema

Malnutritional edema is a special manifestation of nutritional deficiency. Because of long negative nitrogen balance, plasma protein and colloid osmotic pressure decrease.

Edema begins at the lower limbs (especially the feet) and develops slowly, which can cause systemic edema.

5. Idiopathic edema (unknown cause)

Idiopathic edema occurs mostly in women aged 20 to 50.

Idiopathic edema is closely related to posture. After standing or moving for a long time, the recumbent position gradually reduces to disappear. In the morning, facial and hand edema was obvious, and in the afternoon, lower limbs and feet edema was more obvious. Although the course of Idiopathic Edema is long, most of it can heal spontaneously.

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