What Are The Factors To Know Illness Conditions Of Kidney Failure

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Kidney Failure,Illness ConditionsSome indicators can be used to judge whether the condition of nephropathy patients is stable or not. What are the indicators?

1. Quantitative urinary protein was stable below 0.5g and recurrence rate was low.

Proteinuria is an important indicator of renal function, so it is also a key indicator to measure the improvement of the disease. Continuous low level of proteinuria is beneficial to the prognosis of nephropathy. However, the specific amount of proteinuria maintained is an improvement, and the criteria for judging different pathological types of nephropathy are different.

Generally, chronic glomerulonephritis and some nephrotic syndrome such as membranous proliferative glomerulonephritis, focal segmental glomerulosclerosis and IgA nephropathy should be reduced to less than 0.5g, which has little effect on renal function. If it is maintained at this level for a long time, it shows that renal function is stable and does not deteriorate.

In addition, it also depends on the stability of the indicators, such as the question mentioned above: albuminuria has been at 0.8g effect, can't it be cured if it doesn't go down? Not so, albuminuria continues to stabilize at a stage, without elevation or recurrence, reflecting that renal function is also stable, but also a sign of improvement.

2. The blood pressure level remains stable below 130/80, and the burden of kidney is reduced.

The level of blood pressure represents the quality of blood circulation in the kidney, which reflects the condition of blood supply and oxygen supply in the kidney. Long-term elevated blood pressure leads to abnormal water and sodium metabolism in the body, which not only increases the burden of the kidney, but also leads to insufficient blood flow in the kidney, accelerates the necrosis, fibrosis and sclerosis of kidney cells. Therefore, controlling blood pressure stability is crucial to delay renal function.

In general, the blood pressure of young nephropathy patients is kept below 130/80, which has little effect on the condition. The blood pressure of elderly patients over 60 can be relaxed below 140/90.

By taking antihypertensive drugs, diet management and proper exercise combined with treatment, blood pressure remains stable below the corresponding indicators, indicating that your condition has improved, and can remain stable for a long time, without worrying about the deterioration of the condition.

3. Urine volume is maintained above 1000 ml and detoxification function is stable.

The amount of urine reflects the detoxification function of the kidney. Kidney is the organ that produces urine. Urine is the main form of detoxification. If the amount of urine decreases, a large number of toxins accumulate in the blood, resulting in more and more serious immune inflammation in the kidney, which is very harmful to the condition of the disease.

1000 ml urine volume is the demarcation line of kidney detoxification function. If your urine volume can be maintained above this, it means that the impairment of kidney function is not obvious, and toxins can be continuously discharged from the body. The progress of kidney function is slow.

But if below this level, toxins begin to accumulate, and kidney function will go downhill. In order to avoid further deterioration of the disease, detoxification repair treatment must be carried out. Generally, TCM characteristic therapies can be selected, such as fumigation, moxibustion and medicinal bath, to accelerate metabolism, to expel toxins from the body, and to cooperate with traditional Chinese medicine to regulate the treatment of activating blood circulation and removing blood stasis.

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