Why Chronic Renal Failure Patients Have Ammonia Flavour

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Chronic Renal Failure,Ammonia Flavour,Chronic renal failure patients often feel a peculiar smell in the mouth, there are different opinions, such as "ammonia smell", "urine taste", "fertilizer taste", "odor" and so on. An experienced doctor can roughly estimate a patient's urea nitrogen level and make a judgment as to whether the patient's disease is stable or deteriorating based on the size of the odor emitted from the patient's mouth.

Where does the breath come from in patients with renal failure? Hypoappetite and morning nausea, vomiting, etc. are common early manifestations of chronic renal failure. In addition, some patients with chronic renal failure also have some special clinical symptoms, such as the smell of ammonia in the mouth, that is, you say the smell of urine, advanced renal failure, uremia patients more obvious. What causes it?

The patient also has that kind of experience, when the illness improves, the taste of urine in the mouth is small, when the illness is aggravated, the taste of urine in the mouth is big, that is why? Because of renal failure, the toxins in the body, such as urea nitrogen can not be normally excreted, accumulated in the body, intestinal bacterial urease urea into ammonia, stimulate gastrointestinal mucosa, thus from the mouth The cavity spreads out a kind of different odour, commonly known as "urine taste". Given that mechanism, it is not difficult to understand that the size of urine taste in the mouth is closely related to the level of urea nitrogen.

Why is there a bad smell in the mouth of patients with renal failure? The human kidney has a strong compensatory function, as long as the loss of renal function does not exceed 75%, it can still maintain the stability of the human body's internal environment. Therefore, patients with chronic renal failure often have no obvious clinical symptoms in the early stage, often easily misdiagnosed, missed diagnosis, so that patients with renal failure miss the best opportunity for treatment

Where does the breath of renal failure patients come from? To sum up, renal failure patients want to remove ammonia odor, we must pay attention to two points: seize the time to carry out correct and standardized treatment. Strengthen oral care, pay attention to oral hygiene.

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