Is Calcium Supplementation Necessary For Chronic Renal Failure

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Chronic Renal Failure,Calcium SupplementationIs calcium supplementation necessary for Chronic Renal Failure? Is there any connection between renal failure and calcium supplementation? Next, let's take a look at the detailed introduction of prevention and care of Renal Failure.

Chronic renal failure should be calcium supplementation. Get chronic renal failure, the patient's body will appear a lot of serious symptoms, so their treatment and daily diet should pay attention to. Experts said that the diet of patients with chronic renal failure should be paid special attention to, patients should pay more attention to calcium supplement, the following is to explain why patients should be calcium supplement.

The main reason why patients need to take calcium supplements is that chronic renal failure can lead to loss of calcium in the body and loss. In addition, the deficiency of active vitamin D3 in chronic renal failure can affect intestinal absorption, decrease calcium absorption and aggravate hypocalcemia. Therefore, calcium supplementation for patients with chronic renal failure can not only prevent convulsions, itching, impotence and a series of symptoms caused by decreased serum calcium, but also prevent and treat hypothyroidism and chronic osteodystrophy caused by decreased serum calcium.

Patients can use some calcium supplements to supplement calcium, or calcium supplements. However, calcium should be taken care of in chronic renal failure and acidosis. When uremic acidosis occurs, free calcium in total serum is increased, and convulsions do not occur even though serum calcium is low; but in the course of using alkali to rectify acid, convulsions can occur in a large acute attack, even life-threatening manner. Therefore, calcium supplements should be added at the same time.

Chronic renal failure should be calcium supplementation. Therefore, patients with chronic renal failure should learn the right calcium supplement to supplement the loss of calcium. But in the process of calcium supplementation, there are some matters needing attention. It is better to consult the doctor carefully before calcium supplementation, and make clear what should be paid attention to, so as to avoid some serious problems caused by incorrect calcium supplementation.

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