Abnormal Urine Volume Indicates Kidney Disease

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Abnormal Urine Volume,Kidney Disease1. Oliguria and no urine: oliguria refers to 24 hours urine volume less than 400ml or less than 17ml per hour. No urine refers to 24 hours urine volume less than 50 - 100ml. The majority of oliguria and no urine are related to renal failure.

2. Polyuria: refers to 24 hours urine volume greater than 3000ml or more than 2ml per minute. The causes of polyuria include excessive water intake, renal tubular and interstitial lesions, increased renal drainage and excessive excretion of certain substances (such as glucose) from the urine.

3. Nocturnal urine: refers to the night (6 pm - 6 the next morning) urine volume exceeds half of the urine volume throughout the day. Most of them are related to renal insufficiency. Some patients with cardiac insufficiency may also have increased nocturia, and some mental factors may also cause it. However, only those with frequent micturition and no increase in urine volume were not included in the category of nocturnal inuresis.

Frequency of urination, urgency of urination, and pain of urination: Frequency of urination refers to an increase in the frequency of urination (the average number of urination in normal people during the day is 4-6 times, 0-2 times at night). The urgency of urination refers to urination, which is to urinate or to discharge urine immediately. Urination refers to the pain or burning sensation of the urethra during urination. These three symptoms are characteristic manifestations of urinary system inflammation.

Urinary retention: refers to voiding dysfunction that causes urine to stay in the bladder and not expel. It is associated with partial and complete obstruction of the urethra, and certain drugs and nervous system diseases can also be caused.

Urinary incontinence: urinary incontinence from the urethra. It can be seen in lower urinary tract anatomy or dysfunction, neurogenic bladder and so on.

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