What Symptoms Of Diabetic Nephropathy In Women

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In order to prevent diabetic nephropathy, nephrologists have demonstrated early signs of diabetic nephropathy to prevent and treat diabetic nephropathy. The main symptoms of kidney disease in diabetic patients are:
The female diabetic nephropathy is in the pubic area
Diabetic nephropathy is caused by the relative or absolute lack of insulin, which results in elevated glucose concentrations in the blood. When glucose levels are higher than the kidney sugar threshold, some glucose in the urine creates favorable conditions for the growth of the mold, causing inflammation and itching.
The vagina of a woman with diabetic nephropathy
Vaginal dryness is caused by a low level of sexual activity caused by sexual pain.
The urinary tract sensation of diabetic nephropathy in women
In addition, due to anatomical characteristics of female urinary tract infection occurs, diabetics, the body resistance is reduced, high blood sugar condition is beneficial to the growth of bacteria, one of the reasons is likely to lead to urinary tract infections.
Women with diabetic nephropathy have a very large pregnancy
Due to diabetes glucose in the blood of pregnant women, pregnant women of glucose in the blood can be through the placenta into the fetus, fetal long-term high blood sugar, insulin secretion, promote glycogen, fat and protein synthesis, fetal fat accumulation, internal organs, weight gain, so the fetus.
Female sexual dysfunction in diabetic nephropathy
This is due to the hardening of the arteries in the arteries of patients with diabetic nephropathy, and pelvic stenosis of the peritoneal cavity, which affects the vaginal blood supply and the soothing nerve endings.
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