Early Detection Of Diabetic Nephropathy In Children

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Diabetic Nephropathy,Early DetectionDiabetic Nephropathy (DN) is a kind of nephropathy with complicated etiology, condition and symptoms. Although it is mainly in adults, many children suffer from DN. Diabetic nephropathy needs early detection and early treatment, as well as for children.

Early detection of childhood diabetes mellitus, can be unable to develop or symptoms at the beginning of the disease, through treatment to control childhood diabetes at the lowest rate of development. Therefore, early detection of diabetic nephropathy in children is very important for the treatment of childhood nephropathy. So, how should we detect early diabetic nephropathy in children?

No matter what kind of kidney disease has its own unique symptoms, children with diabetic nephropathy is also the same, in the onset of children with diabetic nephropathy will show unique symptoms. Parents can discover early childhood diabetic nephropathy through these unique symptoms.

Unique symptoms of childhood diabetic nephropathy

1. Drink much,urine much

Almost all children with diabetic nephropathy will drink much,urine much, there will be increased nocturnal urine and thirst at night to drink more water phenomenon. If children suddenly appear this phenomenon and continue, parents should pay attention to it.

2. Take more food

Children with diabetic nephropathy will suddenly eat more than usual, the degree of increase in the amount of food can vary, some slightly increased than before, and some children's meals will even multiply; and the phenomenon of eating more has continued.

3. Emaciation and fatigue

Most children with diabetic nephropathy in children eat more, but there are a few cases of eating less, as well as weight loss and fatigue.

Children with diabetic kidney disease symptoms vary, so parents should pay more attention to daily life changes in children's daily life. When children suddenly appear abnormal diet and urine, parents should go to the children's hospital as early as possible to do a comprehensive examination, because children's immunity is poor, the disease develops rapidly, so once delayed will lead to aggravated illness, that is easy to develop into kidney failure.

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