What Are The Early Signs Of Diabetic Nephropathy With Creatinine 2.1

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Diabetic Nephropathy,Early Signs,Creatinine 2.1Diabetic Nephropathy is one kind of Kidney Failure, which is related to kidney damaged. So what are the early signs of diabetic nephropathy with Creatinine 2.1? Following this article to get the answer, or you can consult ONLINE DOCTOR directly in free.

1. Increased urine foam-proteinuria.

This is a sign of early renal injury. With the increase of protein in the urine, patients may have symptoms of increased foam in the urine, edema of the eyelids and lower extremities and so on.

For early diabetic nephropathy, urinary albumin/creatinine ratio is recommended as the most direct and effective method to detect urinary protein. For asymptomatic sugar pals, urinary protein screening should also be conducted once a year to achieve early detection and treatment.

2. Blurred vision: diabetic retinopathy.

Sugar net and sugar kidney are all minor vascular complications of diabetes. Most of the patients with sugar and kidney are also accompanied by sugar nets. Therefore, if there is blurred vision, ophthalmic examination should be carried out early in ophthalmology.

3. Elevated serum creatinine-abnormal renal function.

Some diabetic nephropathy patients do not have abnormal urine protein but abnormal renal function.

The use of serum creatinine to estimate glomerular filtration rate (e-GFR) is the best way to determine renal function.

4. Increased nocturnal urine damage to renal tubules.

It was found that renal tubular injury occurred in the early stage of diabetic nephropathy, which generally manifested as increased nocturia and low urine proportion.

By examining the function of the renal tubules, we can also detect the sugar kidney early.

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