What Are The Typical And Atypical Symptoms Of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus

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Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus,Atypical SymptomsDiabetes mellitus is a chronic and systemic metabolic disease caused by long-term interaction of genetic and environmental factors. It is characterized by the increase of blood sugar level. It is a disease that affects normal physiological activities mainly because of the disorder of carbohydrate, fat and protein metabolism caused by insufficient or dysfunction of insulin secretion in the body.

With the extension of people's life span and the improvement of living standards, the incidence of diabetes mellitus is very high, which has become a chronic disease seriously affecting human health.

How to detect Diabetes?

Typical and atypical symptoms of type 2 diabetes mellitus.

1. Typical symptoms

polyuria, polydipsia, polyphagia and weight loss

If there is frequent urination, increased urination, increased urine volume, thirst, drinking much water, while prone to hunger, although eating, eating a lot, but still thin, these are typical manifestations of diabetes. It is recommended to check blood sugar (including fasting blood sugar and postprandial blood sugar, glycosylated hemoglobin) in hospitals.

2. Atypical symptoms

(1) Recurrent boils, skin injuries or nonunion of wounds after surgery;

(2) Skin itching, especially female vulvar itching or urinary tract infection;

(3) Binocular vision loss and blurred vision for unknown reasons;

(4) Male unexplained sexual dysfunction and erectile dysfunction;

(5) Premature occurrence of hypertension, coronary heart disease or stroke;

Numbness and burning sensation of lower limbs; Microalbuminuria or obvious albuminuria appeared.

Pay attention to diabetes examination, should do fasting blood sugar and postprandial blood sugar, glycosylated hemoglobin, so that it is not easy to miss diagnosis. Some patients have normal fasting blood sugar, but postprandial blood sugar is beyond the standard, which is also diabetes. Can't be deceived by normal fasting blood sugar.

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