Does Nephrotic Syndrome Patients Need Renal Biopsy

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Nephrotic Syndrome,Renal BiopsyDoes Nephrotic Syndrome Patients Need Renal Biopsy?

No, renal biopsy has its advantages and disadvantages, such as trauma, high price, can only reflect the situation at that time, and can not fully guess hormone reactivity. Therefore, under normal circumstances, children do not need, adults with hormones or immune preparations and micronized Chinese medicine treatment, after seeing the effects of treatments, then to make sure whether you need kidney puncture or not.

Nephrotic Syndrome Patients Should Pay Attention To:

1. Children should not be tired. Children's self-restraint ability is poor, from the hospital home will feel very fresh, easy to play too tired, lack of sleep, parents should pay special attention to the children's schedule, as far as possible to get full rest

2. Children should not eat much salt food. Blood pressure has not yet fallen to normal children that they should take less salt. However, salt free food will affect appetite, so it is better to use a low salt diet. Only after puffiness and high blood pressure disappear, can an ordinary diet be improved, but also plain and not salty. Steamed bread and soda biscuits contain sodium, too. It allows children to eat fresh vegetables and fruits to supplement their vitamins.

3. Children should not wear clothes for long periods of time. Infection is often the cause of recurrence of kidney disease. Frequent bathing and dressing to keep skin clean and prevent skin infection.

4. Children should not go to public places. To keep the indoor air fresh, try not to take children to public places such as shops, cinemas, etc. Pay attention to changing clothes according to weather changes to prevent colds.

5. It is not easy to reduce or stop drugs. Treatment of nephropathy requires hormone therapy. Children taking hormones must be under the guidance of a doctor, as the condition improves, gradually reduce the amount until drug withdrawal. Parents should urge their children to take medicine on time and according to their dosage. They should not reduce the dosage and stop taking medicine at will, so as to avoid repeated illness.

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