What are Symptoms of PKD

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What are Symptoms of PKD“ I have pain in left kidney, blood in urine. Am I ill with PKD?” This is a part of the message from a Indian patients. I guess many patients who suffer from some symptoms which may caused by PKD do not know what is the matter with themselves.

What are symptoms of PKD?

Pain: back pain, pain in kidney, headache, stomachache, etc.

Urine change: blood in urine, bubbles in urine, less urine volume, more urine in night and so on.

Disease of digestive tract: vomiting, nausea, poor appetite and others.

Kidney change: cysts in the kidney, become bigger, lower kidney function.

Others: swelling, anemia, hypertension, weakness, nerves damage and other illness conditions.

What should we do if we have one or some of these symptoms?

Firstly, we are required to take checks including blood text, urine text, renal function text and all the texts what are in need. Then we will be treat timely according to the diagnosis. For patients, whether they have PKD or not depends on the renal function and the main index of the kidney function is the creatinine level. So that, please get a medical certificate from a reliable hospital.

What can we do if one is diagnosed as PKD?

He is asked to take a well-planed diet which is beneficial to manage the disease. Then, he should pay more attention to the effective treatments which is able to help him live a normal life. The traditional therapies are dialysis and kidney disease. Other treatments like Immunotherapy, Hot Pressure Therapy, Toxin-Removing Therapy, etc will be helpful for PKD patients to recover.

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