The Clinical Symptoms of PKD: Back Pain and Hematuria

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The size of kidneys are normal or slightly larger in childhood, the number and size of cysts increased gradually with time going by. Lots of patients have symptoms in 40-50 years old. The main symptoms are back pain, hematuria, enlargement kidneys, high blood pressure. If you have these symptoms that you can consult online doctor to make sure disease, or you can following this article to know more details.

1. Renal enlargement.

The size of kidneys are different, the disease process of each kidney is different. Two kidneys can occupy the entire abdominal cavity in end stage renal disease, there are countless big and small kidney cysts on kidney surface. The shape of kidneys are irregular.

2. Back pain.

patients commonly have back pain seriously, sometimes, it is abdominal pain. Pain can be aggravated by physical activity, long walking time, long sitting time, it can be relieved after lying in the bed. Intrarenal hemorrhage, stone movement, or infection are also the cause of sudden severe pain.

3. Hematuria.

Almost half of the patients have microscopic hematuria, which is caused by rupture of the blood vessels of kidney cysts, Pyuria obviously, renal hematuria increased infection, back pain and fever. Hematuria is commonly accompanied by white blood cells and proteinuria.

4. High blood pressure.

PKD patients commonly have high blood pressure before creatinine going up, high blood pressure will accelerate the process to end stage renal disease, due to it will increase the damage to kidney again, kidney cysts growing more quickly.

5. Kidney failure.

PKD patients will enter into end stage renal disease with low kidney functions. And dialysis or kidney transplant will be recommend by doctor.

If you find PKD that you should be positive attitude for it, it can be shrink by chinese medicine treatments, so it can relieve all the complications in 10-15 days.

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