How to keep good diet,What kind of food can cure anemia

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A message once said “we can lack everything except blood!”. However, nowadays many people are in the condition of anemia, including children, the aged, women as well as adults. The reasons of anemia are very complex and the diseases which will cause anemia contain many sorts, such as leukemia, lymphoma, purpura, hemolytic anemia and etc. Aside from the normal treatment, we also need the healthy diet. The followings are some suggestions for people who suffer anemia.

Firstly, carrot. Carrot contains high vitamin B and C, as well as an special nutrient, carotene. Carotene is very good for enriching the blood, so it is the optimum option for people who suffer anemia. Given many people don’t like carrot, I suggest that carrot can be squeezed as juice.

Secondly, hair weeds. Hair weeds has ugly appearance for its black color, but it contains high iron elements. Using hair weeds to make soup is a good way to enrich the blood.

Thirdly, day lily. Day lily contains high iron elements, which is more than twenty times compared with spinach. Except iron elements, day lily also contains abundant vitamin A, B1,C, protein, fat and etc.

Fourthly, longan aril. Longan aril contains abundant iron elements as well as vitamin A,B and glucose, sucrose. Except for enriching the blood, it will also cure amnesia, insomnia, neurossium.

Fifthly, gluten. Gluten is a traditional folk food, which can be find everywhere. It contains abundant iron elements which is benefit for increasing the blood in human body.

Sixly, spinach. Spinach, as a common vegetable, is famous for the function of enriching the blood. As one of the most important vegetable in enriching the blood, spinach contains abundant carotene.

Aside from these above, the dark color food, such as red dates, angelica sinensis, donkey-hide gelatin, black rice and black soya bean are all good choice for patients who suffer anemia.

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