Is It Bad That FSGS Patients Have A Large Amount of Bubbles In The Urine

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Is It Bad That FSGS Patients Have A Large Amount of Bubbles In The UrineFSGS patients have the scarring in kidneys, which will damage the glomerular filtration system, and lots of bubbles in urine, so is it bad?

FSGS patients have bubbles in urine.

For kidney disease patients that there are bubbles in urine, which means the damaged kidney can not keep the protein in body, and it flows into urine. If 24 hour urine protein quantification shows protein more than 3.5g, we call it nephrotic syndrome.

In some conditions, FSGS can relieve itself, but in most conditions, patients will enter into end stage renal disease with no right treatments. The prognosis of FSGS that depends on yourself. But proteinuria is one of the factors to affect the disease’ prognosis, which maybe increase the illness conditions to end stage.

How to deal with the proteinuria in FSGS patients?

We have know that proteinuria is one of the symptoms of FSGS. To avoid the the damage to kidney again and change the prognosis, so patients should pay attention on proteinuria.

1. taking medicine to reduce the proteinuria. If proteinuria is related to high blood pressure, so patients can take ACE and ARB to control proteinuria. And patients also can take steroid medicine.

2. Repair the glomerular filtration system. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy can increase the nutrients and oxygen to diseased cells and tissues. Then the glomerular filtration barrier can be repaired, so that the proteinuria will disappear.

3. Reasonable diet. Diet has important role in treating kidney disease. Doctor low protein, low salt.

So proteinuria is not good for FSGS patients to have a longer and better life. The best way is to repair the damaged kidney to stop proteinuria.

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