How To Treat For Patient With Chronic Interstitial Nephritis

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How To Treat For Patient With Chronic Interstitial Nephritis

Interstitial nephritis (or tubulo-interstitial nephritis). is a form of nephritis affecting the interstitium of the kidneys surrounding the tubules, i.e., is inflammation of the spaces between renal tubules. This disease can be either acute, meaning it occurs suddenly, or chronic, meaning it is ongoing and eventually ends in kidney failure.

Chronic nephritis can occur at any age, but mainly young middle-aged, male more common. Most of the slow onset, hidden attack. Clinical manifestations were diversity, proteinuria, hematuria, hypertension, edema for its basic clinical manifestations, with the spread of the disease, progressive development of chronic renal failure.

What Treatment of chronic Interstitial nephritis


If dialysis is necessary, it usually is required for only a short time. However, if you take proper treatment, you have the chance of avoiding Kidney Failure and need no dialysis.

-Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)

Unlike over-the-counter medicines, TCM are more natural since most of them come from plants. The use of TCM has a history of more than 2,000 years. Based on them, our experts innovate several therapies such as Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, Medicated Bath and Cycle Therapy, etc. They can expand blood vessels to improve blood circulation and repair damaged renal tissues. Having been used for almost 30 years in our hospital, they are now very popular among kidney disease patients at home and abroad. Welcome your consultation. The online service is for free.

- Foot Bath

-In Foot Bath Therapy, the warm water can promote our blood circulation, and the blood flow after foot bath can be increased to 10~18 times than normal, which can improve patient’s metabolism and Qi-blood circulation. Besides, Foot Bath Therapy can improve the skin functions of mucosa absorption and skin penetration, which can promote the medicine ingredients to be absorbed into patient’s blood. Foot Bath Therapy can make the ions of Chinese medicines permeate through foot skin, and they will be transported to patient’s organs through blood circulation. Then, the medicine ingredients can reach the effect of treating disease.

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