How To Prolong The Life Expectancy of Lupus Nephritis Patients

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lupus nephritisLupus nephritis is very difficult to treat in all over the world, and all kidney experts have no good treatments before. Due to the lupus nephritis is easy to relapse and the life expectancy is not well. This article will give the answer how to improve the life quality from the root, which can prolong the life expectancy successfully.

How to control the process of lupus nephritis?

1. controlling the activities of lupus nephritis

2. Preventing the relapse of the lupus nephritis

3. Preventing and treating the complications of lupus nephritis

Now, we have know the three ways to have a longer and better life. So what can we do?

What should we do to prolong the life expectancy for lupus nephritis?

The traditional western medicine is to control the symptoms of lupus nephritis. So it is also called symptomatic treatment, which can not solve the problems from the root, so it is easy to relapse for lupus nephritis.

Lupus nephritis is one kind Autoimmune disease, only controlling the symptoms that it is impossible to cure it. If lupus nephritis patients want to treat it well that they need to clear away immune complex, adjust immune system, improve renal function.

What treatments can achieve to avoid relapse of lupus nephritis?

Now, more and more lupus nephritis accept systematic treatments for a longer and better life.

Clearing away immune complexes:

Toxins-Removing Treatments aims at clearing away toxins, excess wastes, immune complex, which will create a good and healthy internal environment.

Adjusting immune system:

Immunotherapy is widely used to adjust immune system including six steps: immune diagnosis, immune clearance, immune blocking, immune adjustment, immune tolerance, immune protection.

Improving renal function:

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is very popular in china for repairing the diseased cells and tissues. It can supply the nutrients and oxygen to diseased cells and tissues to damaged kidney, so it can improve renal function effectively.

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