There What Is The Side Effect If The Kidney Disease Patient To Do Dialysis

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Patients with Chronic Kidney Disease may need dialysis to remove harmful wastes and extra water, because their kidneys are damaged and cannot work normally. They may undergo dialysis twice a week or three times a week according to the different degrees of the disease. It takes more than 4 hours each time, which may reduce the quality of life.

After dialysis, patients may feel more comfortable, but dialysis cannot prevent the disease from progressing and it also has side effects. Once the patients with Chronic Kidney Disease decide to undergo dialysis, they have to live with the side effects for a long time. Here are some of the common side effects that the patients will have to live with.

a. Anemia

b. Diseases like Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C

c. Various infections at the access point.

d. Bleeding from the access point

e. Nausea, headaches and cramps Pain and Muscle cramps in Kidney Disease

f. Low blood pressure

g. Loss of nutrition Nutrition Facts for Stage 3 CKD

The risk of these side effects is very real. Sooner or later, the body will be unable to deal with all these added pressures, and it will succumb to the disorder.

Therefore, if possible, we suggest the patients to adopt effective treatment, such as Kidney Transplant and Immunotherapy. Since some patients are unsuitable to receive Kidney Transplant, there are more and more patients come to our hospital to adopt Immunotherapy, the new treatment method of Chronic Kidney Disease

Immunotherapy is a great alternative treatment for kidney disease especially which is due to autoimmune disease. As a combination of herbal medicines and western medicines, this therapy shows outstanding therapeutic effects on not only treating kidney disease but also regulating patients’ immune system.

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