What Is The Risk Of Uremic For Long-Term Dialysis

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What harm does uremia have long-term dialysis? When Uremia raises life-threatening complications, dialysis is a must. But when uremia kidney disease is stable, must take the standard cure of kidney. So, what harm does uremia long-term dialysis have? Below let the specialist elaborate.

What harm does uremia long-term dialysis have?

1:concurrent infection, due to the end of renal insufficiency, uremia patients with low immunity, long-term dialysis is very easy to provoke infection. Bacterial infections in vascular pathway, respiratory system, urinary tract and tuberculosis, renal tuberculosis and viral hepatitis are common.

2:concurrent cardiovascular disease, maintenance of renal dialysis at the end of the renal insufficiency, uremia patients with more common cardiovascular complications, is also causing the main cause of death. including hypertension, hypotension, heart failure, arrhythmia, pericarditis, coronary artery lack of blood, myocardial blockage.

3:Dialysis bone disease, uremia dialysis patients due to kidney activation of vitamin D function weakened, bone tissue can not be abundant calcification, will constitute dialysis bone disease, manifested as bone pain, fractures, muscle weakness and so on.

4:Anemia, uremia dialysis patients attack anemia reasons are manifold, on the one hand, due to kidney secretion to reduce erythropoietin, on the other hand in vivo accumulation of metabolic waste and poison to suppress bone marrow hematopoietic function.

What treatment can replace dialysis ?

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is a new Chinese herbal medicine application which can repair injured renal inherent cells, through the method of an enternal applied Chinese Medicine. The core technology of Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is to make the effective herbs of kidney disease super-finely shattered. Then with the help of effective penetrant and osmosis devices, the effective medicines are perneated into kidney lesions by enternal application, thus achieving the goal of treating kidney disease. Clinical practices have been proved that this application method is both effective and convenient. The treatment mechanism of this therapy is to block kidney fibrosis repair damaged renal intrigic cells and rebuild the normal kidney structure. And the realizing of these purposes is based on Chinese medicine curative effects like dilating blood vessels anti-inflammation anticoagulation preventing blood viscosity and degrading extracellular matrixes. These stages are named as block repair and rebuild. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is a personalized therapy. Each herbal formula is only for one patient.

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