We How To Prevent Acute Renal Failure

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Effective measures to prevent acute renal failure! I hope the following introduction, to you have a certain help, better shake off the trouble of kidney failure, enjoy a happy life.

1,should maintain the nutritional balance, your intake and discharge will be carefully measured records, every day will be called for weight.

2, patients should monitor blood pressure changes. Several times of blood pressure are measured every day.

3,The patient should maintain the balance of liquid quantity, at this time the infusion quantity is calculated carefully.

4, the Diet quantitative. A daily intake of syrup compounds requires at least 100 grams, and proteins are limited.

5, cautious medication. Each of your medications will be carefully contrasted and considered to ensure that the kidney burden is not aggravated. Drugs containing magnesium ions are often discontinued. At the same time, dosage of medication will undergo a certain adjustment, may differ from normal person.

Although we can do a good job of prevention, but do not exclude some other therapeutic factors, we must always pay attention to their physical condition, regular inspections, especially those with family history of kidney disease patients should do so.

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